“Video Backgrounds” Website Launches


KmotionMedia.com has launched! Part art installation, part visual experiment and part creative showcase, the site takes advantage of the latest in web technology, digital video compression and design to offer an ever-changing full-screen video experience.  The site currently features more than 15 random video backgrounds unique to www.kmotionmedia.com – including a spoof of a 1950’s Martian movie which depicts a flying saucer over Green Bay’s classic Sky-Lit motel, a favorite video of site visitors. In addition to a different full-screen video experience on every web page, the new site also includes access to Kmotion Media’s social and new media tools, including YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Kmotion’s blog & RSS feed and an e-newsletter sign-up. At the heart of the site is Kmotion Media’s demo reel, featuring a brief selection of Kmotion’s high-end film, video, animation and digital effects. New visuals, enhancements, and updates will be continuously added to keep the site fresh and relevant.


Kmotion’s Time Warp


We’ve just updated the “NEWS” section of www.kmotionmedia.com.

The page now features a user-specific customized 3-D world made of cardboard windmills, rolling hills of denim and other stitched-together elements.The 3D scene was made once and then the sun and moon were made to move through the scene as it would during a 24-hour cycle.

Those scenes were then assigned a specific time-of-day, which was then programmed to play based on each web-user’s clock settings.


So, a viewer on the other side of the earth might see a daytime scene, while a nighttime scene will play for a viewer on the opposite side of the earth. Each user will view a customized movie, based on their computer’s time settings.


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