Kmotion’s Work Featured on Sony’s VideON Online Network

Our “Denise” spot has been accepted to be featured on Sony’s VideON Online Network – a website dedicated to educating and entertaining the professional production community.

Video Site

Kmotion shot the spot with Sony’s newest CineAlta video camera. The camera is Sony’s first professional handheld digital production camera with a cinematography grade, Super 35mm imager.

To take full advantage of the CineAlta’s Super 35mm sensor, Kmotion also invested in a set of matched Carl Zeiss Prime cine lenses. Like all Zeiss Prime cine lenses, they are manufactured with absolute precision and tailored to the demands of professional cinematography. The Zeiss Prime lenses deliver low distortion, high resolution and excellent color rendition for sharp, punchy cinematically rich images.

The Aurora Health Care spot is the first project Kmotion Media has completed with the Sony CineAlta camera.


Kmotion Media Wins Gold American Design Award


The kmotionmedia.com website has been selected by the American Design Awards (ADA) for the month of September (just announced last week) for excellence in website and interactive design.

The American Design Awards (ADA) is among the top internationally recognized design awards organizations, and perhaps the most popular independent awards organization globally with more than 35,000 submissions annually.

The award is given monthly to a small percentage of entries.  Kmotion Media received the September 2009 award for excellence in design, which is scored according to creativity, effectiveness and practicality. 720 entries worldwide were entered and out of those only 40 were selected. Kmotion Media’s entry ranked fourth, earning a Gold Award and placing above such prestigious websites as Converse.com and Weber.com. We are (needless to say) extremely honored to be chosen for this prominent award and are very humbled to be recognized alongside some of the industry’s largest and most-prestigious digital advertising agencies. The site is a full-screen video website experience. Part art installation, part visual experiment and part creative showcase, the site takes advantage of the latest in web technology, digital video compression and design to offer an ever-changing full-screen video experience.  The site currently features more than 15 random video backgrounds unique to the site – including a spoof of a 1950’s Martian movie which depicts a flying saucer over Green Bay’s classic Sky-Lit motel, a favorite video of site visitors. See if you can find the flying saucer (hint: hitting the “reload” button on your browser resets the background movie selection): www.kmotionmedia.com


Packers Pro Shop 2010

Kmotion Media just completed production of the first two spots for the Packers Pro Shop 2010 campaign.  The Karma Group, an experienced branding group based in Green Bay, asked Kmotion Media to partner on the production and post-production.


We worked closely with the Karma team, led by Creative Director Johnny Mackin and Senior Art Director Bill Luebker.  Johnny set the stage with an awesome vision and the willingness to take a risk by suggesting a radical departure for the 2010 Packers Pro Shop campaign.  Bill added to the mix by providing some killer storyboards and visual direction.


The resulting spots utilize a few things from the Kmotion bag of tricks:

HD video production
Chroma keying
Graphic design
Motion graphics
3D animation
3D model building
Kinetic type
Visual FX
Color correctionPhoto manipulation

We started by creating the “All Day” & “Connected” Style boards:




“All Day” and “Connected” making of video:

The final “All Day” & “Connected” spots:


More New Toys at Kmotion

Here’s the first spot we shot with our new Sony CineAlta video camera – Sony’s first professional handheld digital production camera with a cinematography grade, Super 35mm imager.


Prime cine lenses (also used in this spot). These gorgeous lenses deliver low distortion, high resolution and excellent color rendition for sharp, punchy cinematically rich images.

This Sony CineAlta camera was just released in March 2011 and joins the latest Panasonic digital cinema video camera in Kmotion’s production line-up. Released in January 2011 that camera is the first hybrid combining a video camera with a DSLR camera.


Both cameras have a wide array of high-end features including the coveted 1080/24p format favored by filmmakers. Both cameras are able to record at just about any frame rate allowing Kmotion to create high-rez fast-motion or slow-motion effects right in camera. The CineAlta is also capable of high-end 4:4:4 sampling ratio, providing the highest color resolution possible. This allows us the ability to push the color grade and apply multiple layers of visual effects while maintaining pristine picture quality.

<iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/10WWViyh1vM?feature=player_embedded” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>We love our new toys!


Kmotion Unveils Avid HD and Final Cut HD Suite!


Our swank new edit suite is full of retro goodies. From the 1940’s View-Master complete with a wide array of reels to the groovy 1970’s Space Age Time Capsule portable TV, the room is a bright and fun place to kick back and enjoy your edit.


For those who like the technical stuff, our Apple Mac Pro is an 8 core 2.93 GHz with 8GB of memory and 4 Terabytes of internal storage. The Hi-Fi vibe comes from an awesome BlueSky sound system. A Marshall 32 inch monitor provides the image in SD and full HD quality. The system is complete with Avid Media Composer and Final Cut Pro Studio both capable of editing in any format from SD to HD. End of techie transmission.


So come on over, sit back, grab a martini and pick your favorite era to relax in.



Fun Graphics – Rich Interviews

Here’s more on-location studio style interview footage – all shot in a small room over a teal paper background.  The interview style is fun and energetic – a great approach for Millennial marketing or upbeat corporate projects.  We’ve incorporated motion graphics to underline key themes and maintain energy.


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