Surreal Inspiration

Greg and I are just back from a trip to Paris, where we indulged in art, architecture and food. (LOTS of each and every one of those!)  We went to a fantastic exhibition at the Centre Pompidou, “Subversion Images: Surrealism, Photography, Film”.  In addition to the arresting, iconic and inspirational manipulation of the modern image, the exhibition also highlighted the emphasis that the Surrealists placed on the group over the individual.


One of the beliefs driving this was that collective creation opens new possibilities for artistic and poetic expression.  Our philosophy here at Kmotion Media follows suit – we believe that creative elevation occurs when creative people (our group here, agency folks, photographers, graphic  & digital artists, marketing & communications pros, writers, directors, etc.) come together and work back-and-forth, building upon ideas and supporting each other during the creative journey.  Not to mention, it’s just more fun that way.



Just like us and our peers, Man Ray was also a commercial artist.  In fact, one of his most famous images (above) was created for a cosmetics ad.  Inspirational.

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