Typography “Studio” Interviews

When shooting on location, the physical space limitation is the main obstacle. Unfortunately, the reality is that the largest room most companies can offer is a conference room. This interview was achieved shooting in a room that was about 16′ wide, 20′ long with 9′ ceilings.


Island Resort and Casino “Cool Casino”

TV spot for Island Resort and Casino.

The client wanted to explore a fresh look that would stand out from other casino spots, so they enlisted our help and together we developed a brand spot that delivers the message using a clean graphical animation style.


American Heart Association “AFib Stroke Awareness”

We recently completed production and delivery of a national spot for the American Heart Association’s Dallas-based marketing group.
The thirty-second PSA, which will be broadcast nationally, is an animated infographic style spot designed to promote awareness of atrial fibrillation and its impact on increased risk of stroke.
The American Heart Association’s team headquartered in Dallas, Texas, contacted Kmotion to execute the project. We dived in and, under a tight deadline and with a limited budget, quickly implemented the spot.

The American Heart Association will also be featuring the spot on its website for a limited time at this location: http://www.heart.org/AFib.com


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