Time-Reactive Web Animation

KMOTION MEDIA has updated the “NEWS” section of its website with this user-specific customized 3D animated scene containing cardboard windmills, rolling hills of denim and other stitched-together elements.

Each user will view a customized movie, based on their computer’s time settings. For example, a viewer on one side of the earth might see a daytime scene, while a nighttime scene will play for a viewer on the opposite side of the earth.

KMOTION used a host of tools and techniques to bring this to life, including: 3D Studio Max, HDRI (High Dynamic Range Imaging), Subsurface Scattering, Depth of Field, Daytime System generator, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Flash/ActionScript and:
Diet Mountain Dew.


Chroma Key Footage with Interactive Graphics

When shooting on location, the physical space limitation is the main obstacle. Unfortunately, the reality is that the largest room most companies can offer is a conference room. This interview was achieved shooting in a room that was about 16′ wide, 20′ long with 9′ ceilings.

We keyed the footage and then added graphics that appear to interact with the talent – moving around them, casting shadows on them and appearing to grow from their actions. The 3D motion graphic elements were rendered out in a manner which allowed us to move the graphic elements in front of and behind the actors seamlessly. We also motion tracked some of the shots allowing us to match the movement of the graphics to the actors movements.


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