Chroma Key Footage with Interactive Graphics

Green Screen Thumbnails

Here’s more on-location footage shot in a small room. This time, we shot chroma key footage on a portable green screen. Here are the before and after images:


Since the movement was fast and youthful, we shot footage of lots of flailing arms and flipping hair (not the best source material for footage that we would later need to key).

We keyed the footage and then added graphics that appear to interact with the talent – moving around them, casting shadows on them and appearing to grow from their actions. The 3D motion graphic elements were rendered out in a manner which allowed us to move the graphic elements in front of and behind the actors seamlessly. We also motion tracked some of the shots allowing us to match the movement of the graphics to the actors movements.


Math as Art

When a client asks Kmotion Media to create a motion graphics animation we often use a technique called “keyframing”. To produce a keyframe animation, the animator creates the movement of an object manually by placing what are called “keys” at key points in the animation. There are times however when other methods of animation are better suited for the task at hand. This may involve “cell animation” where each frame of an animation is meticulously created by hand. Or it may involve creating procedural animations which are driven by mathematical formulas. Stunning visuals can be achieved by combining the use of mathematical formulas with traditional animation. For instance, the animation below is the result of a mathematical formula. These results of which would have been difficult to achieve with traditional key frame animation, however, quickly achieved using procedural animation.

To produce this type of animation the animator provides the initial conditions and runs a simulation to see the result. This type of animation can also be useful for simulating physics, cloth, hair, liquids, and even abstractions as seen in the example above.


Kmotion Media Partner’s Animation Selected for Cartoon Network Promo


For the Memorial Day weekend Family Guy marathon on Cartoon Network, the network created a spot to promote the marathon.  The spot featured an animated background element and a 3D Statue of Liberty, both designed and animated by Kmotion Media Creative Partner Jesse Kujava.  Family Guy, a popular prime time FOX Network cartoon, is now also in syndication on the Cartoon Network. The promo, created to announce the “Family Guy Memorial Day Weekend Marathon”, ran during the weeks leading up to Memorial Day. Jesse’s animation work has also appeared in broadcast promos for The Ellen DeGeneres Show and American Idol Rewind. In addition to animation, Jesse’s creative passions include exploring the design and interactive possibilities of new media (web, desktop, touch screens) as well as film and video art direction and digital effects.


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